Things Necessary After Ostomy Surgery

Things Necessary After Ostomy Surgery

Things Necessary After Ostomy Surgery

Posted on January 25th, 2022

Have you had an ostomy surgery recently? If so, there are many ostomy supplies you'll need going forward. Here are a few things you'll need to live with having an ostomy bag.


When applying your ostomy bag, it's important to have wipes on the ready. Although having an ostomy bag doesn't have to be messy, it helps to be clean at all times. When you remove your ostomy bag, make sure to wipe the surrounding area to remove any bacteria that could be left behind. Another helpful wipe that you can use is an adhesive wipe, which is made specially to remove any adhesive residue left over from the ostomy bag. The great thing about these wipes is that they are typically covered by health insurance.

Ostomy Deodorant

Among the ostomy supplies you'll need moving forward, one important thing is an ostomy deodorant. Just like you would every day, applying deodorant around your stoma is important when trying to be hygienic. An ostomy deodorant will also help you feel more comfortable in public. It's almost a guarantee that not everyone will smell your ostomy bag, but it helps you feel relief knowing you're going the extra mile to smell great. Ostomy deodorant also helps to lubricate the ostomy bag so its contents are easier to remove.

Stoma Cap

Another useful tool for anyone with a stoma is a stoma cap. On a daily basis, it's not anticipated that you'll be wearing your ostomy bag for every activity you do. This is where a stoma cap is necessary. A stoma cap is a small cap that goes over your stoma, making it great for sports or any sort of strenuous activity. This helps to do things anyone else can do without having a bag dangling from your stomach.

Ostomy Support Garment

The last of the ostomy supplies that you'll need moving forward is an ostomy support garment. This is a band that you wrap around your waist and ostomy bag to keep it secured to your body. When dressing for any occasion, you want to be able to be discreet not only for the people around you but for yourself.

If you're new to ostomy supplies, you don't have to feel alone. According to the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation, close to 1 in 500 Americans live with an ostomy. There is a large community of ostomy bag users who can support what you're going through. If you're in need of ostomy supplies, don't hesitate to reach out to us!

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